mercoledì 17 gennaio 2018

BootayBag...A New way to buy undies!!

Hy sweeties!!
Today I want to show you a new and original way to buy undies...
this way call BootayBag!!
BootayBag is an auto-renewed subscription service,
which for the price of 12 $ for months 
offers you the possibility to buy sexy and pretty underwear
in a few and simple steps.
You go on the site 
and  build your "Bag"
indeed you choose between three options:
 Mix it up 
only thongs that contains two thongs
never thongs which contains two cheeky panties ( keep calm they are not a granny ones!)
In a  "Mix it up" bag you find  a combo of cheeky panties and thongs.
In every case with 2 $ more you colud have a Bra.
Remember that the shipping starts usually on the 16th of every month
so...if you make an order before 15th of the month
you recieve it in the same month,
while if you make an order after 15th
the order will be grouped with followings months orders!!
The shipping is free in US,
while the internationl shipments
will be charged a 10 $ USD a flat rate per order.
The shipments delivered by USPS so the signature is not required and  you
track the order thanks to a tracking number which you recieve
by an e-mail the day of shipping.
My experience with BootayBag was amazing...
I have recieved the BootayBag for blogger
and I was very happy to collaborate with them.

The undies, in my case two cheeky panties,
arrives in a paper bag with the writing
 "Hello Babe I'm here Xo Bootaybag"
and I  think it's very nice and original...
I was very enthusiast when I saw it...
and then when I opened too!!
The cheeky panties are well made,
very high quality...
 but above all
very very sexy!!
I recommend you this service because  it's very amazing and convenient
and I'm sure you will be surprised as I was!!
Oh... I forgot to say two things:
first of all, and the most important, snap a selfie with hastag
 to help their to donate 1 $ to the Melanoma Foundation;
the second is that the subscription could be cancelled
before the 15th of the month or you can choose to skip the
order and will recieve the "Bag" on the next month...
but despite this I think that is not necessary,
because you don't be able to do without!
I leave you some photos so you
understand better what I mean when I say that
this cheeky pants are the top!

12 commenti:

  1. Very cute idea and packaging!
    And nice lingerie! :)

  2. Molto carine, bella anche l'iniziativa per la donazione!

  3. Che belle! :)
    Agnese & Elisa

  4. che belle le mutandine

  5. I've heard about this subscription from my friends who love it and recommended it to me.

  6. Love the packaging, this is super cute xx

  7. voglio provare questi prodotti!!!
    nuova recensione da me <<< Come eliminare le occhiaie >>>
    buon mercoledì

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