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JJsHouse dresses the Bridesmaid !!

Hello babes!
The topic of the day is a
 bridesmaid dresses!!
The origin of bridesmaid is very ancient...
it is said that during the ancient Rome,
 for confuse the evil spirits  and to protect from them,
the bride must goes to the altar with many other girls (usually 10 not less!) dressed alike to her. 
In the modern time the role of  bridesmaid is 
to help and support the bride before and during the wedding.
For example she or they ( if you choose to have more than one)
help the bride with the choice of the dress, with the make up, 
with the organization of the hen party,
with the accomodation of the guests etc...
After the choice of bridesmaid, between sisters, best friends or sisters in law,
the most important choice is the clothing of the bridesmaid.
The rule number one is 
the bridesmaid's look must not take the scene at the bride,
because she will be the queen of the day!
Usually, the bridesmaid dresses are in a pastel colors 
and have in common some details with the wedding dress.
The dress can be perfectly the same in type and color,
 the same but in different colors for all bridesmaid,
 or alternatively it is possible choose different dresses but in the same color,
this solution is perfect when the bridesmaid have a different physique. 
These three solutions are my favorite...
 but if you like, you choose different dresses in different colors, 
or the same dress but  with details in different colors.
Here in Italy there are two things that absolutely must not to do :
  • to choose a black or white bridesmaid dress
  • to choose a long bridesmaid dress if the wedding is in the morning!
The important thing is the bridesmaid are in perfect syle with the wedding location and..
mostly, the bridesmaid are different from the other guests!!
If you are confused or undecided about the look of yours bridesmaid,
 try to look at JJsHouse's website:
This is a global on line store specialized in a production of  custom made dresses by expert tailors to ensure the perfect fit.
The dresses are fashion, with an impeccable design,
 so I'm sure you find there an amazing solution!!
If I think of my wedding I would only one bridemaid
and probably, because I love the pink,
would she wore a pink dress!
I take a look at the bridesmaid dresses 
and, despite I'm very choosy,
 I found many inspirations
according my personal ideas of these dresses.
I choose this beautiful  selection of short, knee-length and tea length dresses
if the wedding is in the morning.
As I told I like the pink color,
 on the site  are available three shades of pink,
so I choose the candy pink!
 I also like the bows,
ideed the first three dresses in a photo below have a bow on the back.
The  fabric I prefer are chiffon, cheremeuse and satin...

 If the wedding is in the evening I would choose a floor-length dresses like these

On JJsHouse you can find a wide selection of beautiful and high quality dresses, available in many colors and shades, size (also in a plus size) and in a cheap price.
These which I showed in this article are only a small part of dresses available,
there is a spoilt for choice...
it was hard to choose only ten models,
I'm fall in love with many of those!!
 Trust me,
in this moment I'm very happy to not be a bride or a bridesmaid.
But if you are,
mostly if you don't have a time to go to atelier,
or if you are stressed by pre-wedding atmosphere,
 I suggest you to take a look at JJsHouse's website
because I think the dresses are well made, are suitable for every kind of wedding, and...
 to have a custom made dress
is always a pluse value.
And...What is yours bridesmaid dresses's idea??


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  1. Great post and such lovely bridesmaide dresses. I no loger can be a bridesmade because I am married for more than ten years but I still appreciate very much your suggestions.
    I am following you on google+, let me know if you would like to follow each other.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Amazing dresses Dear:)
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  10. Carinissimo questo post Luna.
    Molto interessante il sito dei vestiti e bellissima la tua selezione!! :)
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    buona domenica

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